Advantages and applications of Apparo Flow


Your data is secure with Apparo Flow too.

Does the fact that your users can change data worry you?

You’re not alone. That’s why users are only allowed to change data when they have the authorisation to do so.

We have also taken data quality into account: Apparo Flow can conduct numerous data evaluations before changes are accepted.

But it’s also important to know which data has been changed, which is why the system features a data change history, revealing who changed what and when.

The solution here is Apparo Flow’s auditing and history features:

With the auditing feature, you can record everyone’s work:

  • When was a data record changed?
  • Which user is responsible?
  • What were the original data figures and how has the data record been changed over time?
  • How was the data changed? Manually or by Excel data import?
  • Which system was used to make the changes?
  • The history feature provides each data record with a ‘valid from’ and ‘valid until’ date automatically assigned by Apparo Flow. This time frame can serve as grounds for updating the data or making a new entry.

    Or you could take an even more technical approach:

  • Which SQL was used?
  • What’s the application server called used to make the changes?
  • These and many other details can be provided.

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