Advantages and applications of Apparo Flow


In addition to the data, the sources often have to be stored as well. Or do you not use Excel and Word files at the office?

Apparo Flow now also allows you to link files and figures inside your business intelligence system – with the simple click of a mouse.

Documents can either be stored centrally in a file system or in your company’s existing document management system.

All your documents are immediately available in your Web browser and protected by your BI system’s access rights.

Users’ access rights determine whether they can simply view files or make changes.


  • Data records can be linked with files such as Excel or PowerPoint
  • You can create a file history with a validity time frame for each document
  • Files can be accessed using the Web browser; software installation is not necessary
  • Access rights are enforced: users can only access the files they’re authorised to
  • The system offers document management system (DMS) support such as IBM FileNet